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6th Sense Juggle Minnow 4 inch

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Juggle Minnow Series: (4"-9/pk)
The 6th Sense Lure Lab set out to create the perfect multi-purpose soft plastic on the market. We are proud to introduce, The Juggle Minnow. This bite-sized, 4”, soft plastic is comprised of 3D like ridge lines, and a bulbous tail giving it balance and a realistic action. The Juggle gets its name from the ability to multi-task. This is a feature unlike any other in fishing. Having a soft plastic that pairs perfectly with a spinnerbait, swim jig, bladed jig, buzzbait, , and a swimbait jig head, makes fishing a lot more efficient.
You can use these on Flathead, bass, redfin, bream andshallow water reef species like snapper as well
(4in. - 9/pk)