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Damiki TOT Spinnerbait 1/2oz

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TOT (Time on Target) Spinnerbait is designed to target every depth of the field with its stable swimming and falling action.

While keeping the features of a classic Spinnerbait, we developed and incorporated some unique features to the TOT Spinnerbait.

It’s features a pressed scale pattern to mimic the scale patterns of a baitfish and to produce extra flash while covering water.
It also features quite FLAT blades that allows it for a wider and bigger vibration and will not roll but swim straight whether you burn or slow your retrieve.

The spacing between the blade and hook was also arranged so it minimizes hook damage and helps prevent snags.

Its special head design makes the bait to keep its horizontal balance while falling.
Finally, the TOT Spinnerbait is built with a heavier gauge wire and a bigger, wider gap hook to ensures you a solid hook set allowing for more hook ups.