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Fish Arrow Fins Gill 150mm

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The Fin's Gill from Fisharrow is 150mm in length and  weighs 78grams. This super  realistic soft plastic swimbait is durable and is slow sinking, omitting medium vibration when retrieved very slowly. The Fin's Gill 150 features an inbuilt magnet underneath the belly of the lure that holds the hook in position that allows the lure to be dragged over structure. A swimbait weigh can also be added to the head increase the sink rate if so desired.

This lure originally designed to replicate bluegill for large mouth bass also is the ideal shape and size to replicate a juvenile golden/silver perch, medium Redfin or large boney bream and Tilpaia and as such will be perfect for big Murray Cod, Barramundi and other large predatory species. It's realistic shape and action entices bites in the toughest of conditions.

Available in 4 colours

Length: 150mm        Weigh: 78g