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Fish Arrow Flash J Grub SW 4.5 inch

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The newest edition to the immensely popular Flash J series is the Flash J Grub from Fish Arrow.

This lure offers a modern take on an old classic, the soft plastic grub tail. What sets this lure apart from the pack is its extremely realistic design featuring 3D eyes, foil belly insert and 1.5mm thick tail. The addition of the thicker tail produces strong vibrations which draws predators from far and wide and when coupled with the flash of the foil insert, this lure is a bite magnet. Coming in at 3.2 inches or 4.5inch when fully stretched out and available in 6 superb colours and 5 pieces per pack, the Flash J Grub will convert a whole host of species from bass and bream to snapper and reef dwelling species. Whether drop-shotted, weedless rigged or on a regular jig head expect this highly versatile grub to put fish in the well.

Details   Length -4.5 inches tip of head to tip of tail     3.2 inch from tip of the head to bottom of the bend of the tail.   pack - 5 per pack

The Flash J Grub 4.5 inch comes in 7 colours.