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Fish Arrow Glide Jack 180mm

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The Glide Jack from Fish Arrow, designed by famed handcrafted minnow designer Tetsuya Uehara, and tested under the scrutiny of highly-respected swimbait expert Takeshi Matsumoto, brings together the highest level of artistry and design to create the ideal “Glide Bait.”

The Glide Jack incorporates superior Japanese quality and detail in an ultra-realistic “Ayu” shape incorporating unique three dimensional eyes and a soft PVC tail to deliver a graceful finely tuned gliding action that elicits strikes from finicky fish. It’s engineered with perfect balance to deliver a perfect  action on a steady retrieve. With just a slight twitch, the Glide Jack will dart into a 180 degree turn, triggering crushing strikes from following predators.

Available in 6 colours

Glide Jack 180F Length - 180mm Weight - 57 grams