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Fish Arrow X DRT Riser Jack

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The Fish Arrow Riser Jack was developed as one of a few very special items to celebrate Fish Arrow's 20th anniversary in business. The hard body of this swimbait was modeled after Fish Arrow's popular Monster Jack swimbait.  To enhance the classic swimbait with state-of-the-art features, Division Rebel Tackle (DRT) joined forces with Fish Arrow on this project.  Division Rebel Tackle worked to upgrade the weight balance, added the DRT Klash 9 V Tail, and included a removable bill.

The Fish Arrow Riser Jack is a floating swimbait that can be fished as a multi-purpose lure, it was designed to be used as either a wakebait or a crankbait.  With the bill installed, the Fish Arrow Riser Jack will act as a magnum crankbait that will dive 2-3 feet and defect off any cover it comes in contact with.  When you remove the bill from the Riser Jack and perform a slow retrieve, the Fish Arrow Riser Jack will work as a topwater wakebait.

The Fish Arrow Riser Jack is a masterpiece built jointly by Fish Arrow and DRT with one goal in mind, to hunt for trophy fish.  This product has been rumoured to only be offered for a limited time, add this rare swimbait to your arsenal while you still can


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