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Ichikawa Out Bard Jighead

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The outbarb was designed to overcome the drawback of hooks with sinkers fixed to the hooks, which often break up when the fish shakes its head due to the sinkers attached.
By making it an outbarb, it eliminates the pendulum mechanism that uses the weight of the sinker and reduces the amount of breakage.
The head is round with the center of gravity at the front. Assists with roll actions during swimming, such as mid-st.

It also realizes bottom sensitivity and the hook's resistance to falling. In addition, we have created an ideal jig head that improves initial performance.

・By outbarbing, dispersion is reduced and initial strength is improved.
- A round head with a forward center of gravity that makes it easy to get roll action when swimming
 , and has good bottom sensitivity and prevents the hook from tipping over.
・Uses “Magic Coating” with high penetration.