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Lunker City Slug-Go 12 inch Rigged

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The ultimate soft plastic lure which is effective for any predator. Lunker City’s Slug-Go soft plastic lure is precisely balanced to produce the erratic, ”injured baitfish” action that draws instinctive strikes from a wide variety of predatory fish. This soft plastic lure is effective in both freshwater and saltwater.

This soft plastic lure comes with the added benefit of being pre rigged in the 9″ and 12″ 2 pack options.  The hooks are strong, black nickel, needle point. The 9″ bait comes with a 7/0 nose hook and a 5/0 rear hook. The 12″ features a 9/0 up front and a 7/0 out back. The connection is 50 pound dacron, the bait is molded onto the rig, rather than the rig being threaded into the bait. These baits start straight and stay straight. The rigging is far more durable than hand rigging, and the hooks are always in the right place