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Megabass Spin drive 58

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Spindrive 58 is great for slow presentation. Due to its low displacement, it is great for tapping rock shelves and fishing in sunken nooks under debris, such as fallen trees. The construction of the lure greatly reduces the rick of snagging. The construction allows the Spindrive 58 to be successful in both shallow spots, about 80 cm deep and in deeper waters, even up to 2,50 m. The Spindrive 58 is a universal lure, with an especially active, attractive action, also with steady guiding. It works best with active presentation with techniques such as jerking or twitching. A greatly efficient bass bait.

Available in the three colours below


  • lenght: 58 mm,
  • weigth: 8,75 g,
  • suspending (SP),
  • depth: 1,0-2,7 m