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MISC Samaki Hardlicious Vibe 110

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Samaki Hardlicious - The lure that catches when fishing is at its toughest.

Designed in Australia and crafted with the highest quality materials - The Hardlicious series has been created to be the most technically advanced hard bodied vibe in its class.

Samaki Hardlicious enhances your catching ability, enticing bites when fishing is at its ‘toughest. Rear hook security increases hook ups by reducing tangles and snags, while premium Japanese hooks and split rings ensure your catch,

Samaki Hardlicious provides ultimate action to entice bites from the most elusive species - targeting a range of species including Barramundi, Jewfish, Flathead, Kingfish, Snapper and Tuna.

  • Premium Japanese Decoy hooks and split rings
  • Interchangable Fork and Fish Tail Options