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Pontoon 21 Kalikana Dun 105mm SR

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This shallow running  shad style lure provides plenty of flash to go with its erratic wobbling action. Internal system Kalikana Dun is very similar to the Bet A Shiner. There are two fixed metal ball - in the rear and in front of (before mounting location "abdominal" tee). Two movable tungsten displaced when casting in the back help achieve greater distance and accuracy, they move back to their working position in the middle of the lower part of the body once the lure hits the water and the retrieve is started.

  Kalikana Dun has a pronounced rolling action . 


  • All models are equipped with hooks Owner
  • Mag Force Balanced System

Kalikana Dun 105SP SR  Length: 105 mm,  weight: 18.0g,  Suspending (SP), depth: 0.3-0.5m