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This product is used by CAST EMAG for alot of their work that they do, as you can see the proof is in the pudding. 


Dome port is made out of high-grade Acrylic material & shock resistant ABS plastic. It is waterproof up to 40m. Your GoPro camera is additionally safely stored in a separate housing, similar to standard GoPro housing (or for Hero5 similar to Super Suit housing that alone costs over 40$). Camera housing can be removed from the dome and used separately if needed. All GoPro control buttons can be used while camera is fixed in the dome and if the camera has LCD screen on the back it is visible while the camera is in the dome. There are two different versions of the dome: HERO5 and NORMAL (Hero 3-4).

  • Material: high-grade Acrylic material & shock resistant ABS plastic
  • Size: 19 * 19 * 10cm / 7.5 * 7.5 * 3.9in
  • Weight: 373g / 13.2oz


The floaty grip (bobber) is made out of carbon making it almost indestructible - it's 3 times as strong as steel and very lightweight. The mount at the top of the handle is a standard GoPro mount that fits the SPLIT Dome Port as well as ordinary GoPro camera housing or any other extension or gadget that uses this mount. This makes the grip very useful even without the port. Mount can be taken off the grip and used to put your GoPro on a regular photo tripod. There is a threaded insert at the bottom of the grip that holds the strap (leash) mount, this mount can also be removed.

  • Material: carbon, aluminium, ABS plastic
  • Size: 15 * 3.3cm / 5.9 * 1.3in
  • Weight: 64g / 2.26oz.


  • 1 x Dome Port
  • 1 x Camera housing (same as Super suit for Hero5!)
  • 1 x Carbon Floaty Grip
  • 1 x Neoprene Cover
  • 1 x Wrist Strap
  • 1 x Tripod mount with long screw


HERO 5 & 6: If you have the new GoPro Hero5 or Hero6 camera, get this version.

NORMAL: If you have GoPro Hero 4, Hero 3+ or Hero 3 camera get this dome (also for Hero4 Silver).