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Xesta Rod Tacan for offshore Jigging

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The Main Features of the Tacan offshore jigging rods are

Eyes to realize the avoidance of nimble rod work and Rainto-configurable, all set the K guide for single foot
Taking into account the technical operation, and Semisepare Togurippu specification in VSS reel seat.

P-KW guide to bat, tip to the P-KT guide, top adopt the P-MN top. Co strongly to Assist the putt power to Avoiding jerking in the line trouble.
And set the DPS reel seat with up locked to reduce the path Warosu during jerking. And produce a feeling of luxury in black paint specification.

The second up to guide the P-KW guide from the bat, tip to P-KT guide, top adopted P-MN top. Strongly to assist the bat power together to avoid jerking.
The DPS reel seat is set in the down lock,  easy to hold the fore grip during the fight setting.

The Tacan comes in three models,

Model full length one or two piece   Own weight  
S642 6'4 "ft 1.94m One   154g  
S623 6'2 "ft 1.88m One   168g  
S634 6'3 "ft 1.91m One   193g  
Model   Fit jig Fit line Carbon content  
S642   50 ~ 220 (LOW) g 1.5-3.0 98%  
S623   60 ~ 250g 1.5-3.0 98%  
S634   100 ~ 300g 2.0-4.0 98%  

All Xesta Rods are covered by an expedited warranty system that. The warranty fee on this model is AU$270 and your warranty card and proof of purchase must be provided when claiming your warranty.

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